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Meet Stacey!

Founder & Owner of Sleep by Nature // Certified Child Sleep Consultant & Mom of 2!

Hi, I’m Stacey Van Voorden. It is common for parents to have questions about their child’s sleep during infancy, toddler, pre-school, and school-age years. Sleep by Nature specializes in answering those questions and provides real solutions for your sleep time challenges based on expert experience, science, and nature. Educational and coaching services are offered through phone or in-home consultations, emails, and sleep logs to help families achieve healthy sleep.

Common topics and challenges we cover while working together are:

  • Safe sleep and sleep environment
  • Age-appropriate sleep schedules & routines 
  • Consolidating sleep for nights and naps
  • Bed-sharing & co-sleeping transitions
  • Crib to bed transition
  • Nap transitions
Other key focuses:
  • Meeting the individual needs of the child and family
  • Setting a positive tone using mindfulness & a family-centered approach
  • Maintaining consistency and routines
  • Bonding and trust-building being the foundation of what it means to sleep train

Are You

Tired from lack of consolidated sleep?

Frustrated with web searches filled with conflicting information?

Done with trying out advice based on personal experience?

Ready for change? To get the facts and solutions specific to your family?

Why Is Sleep So Important?

Because it is a biological need, we can’t live without it and we are not at our best if we don’t get enough of it.

Because it impacts health, mood, behaviour and performance.

Because sleeping well makes life better!

Children Require Much More Sleep Than Adults Do.

The results…

Family sleep consulting allows for a well rested family with parents who actually get to enjoy some me time.

Definition of “me time”:

Time spent relaxing as opposed to doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

Family Sleep Consulting Package Deals

Suitable for families with children 4 months – 5 years old

*See add-ons and other services for additional package options 

Phone Consultation + 1 Week

• 1 family sleep intake form
• 1-hour phone consultation
• 1 sleep plan
• 1 sleep log
•1 week of daily check-ins and coaching
support starting from the day you
implement your sleep plan
• Wrap-up and “Tips for Long-term Sleep
Success” document


7-Day Email Consultation

• 1 family sleep intake form
• Email consultation, the start of 2
emails per day for 7 days
• 1 sleep plan
• Daily check-ins and coaching support
for any remaining days after
consultation and sleep plan
• Wrap-up and “Tips for Long-term
Sleep Success” document


How It Works:

Sleep By Nature

Step 1 - Intake Form

A family sleep intake form is sent to you to be filled out. This form will give me a good understanding of your family’s current situation and what your sleep goals are.  This form will be used in preparation for your consultation.

Step 2 - Consultation

During your pre-scheduled consultation, we will go over your intake form in more detail.  I will provide you with recommendations that encourage healthy sleep and we will discuss your sleep plan options. We will work together to come up with a realistic plan that suits your family, one that you are comfortable and confident to move forward with.

Step 3 - Sleep Plan

Your unique Sleep Plan document is created and sent to you within 24 hours from the consultation.  Your sleep plan breakdown includes: 

  1. Sleep Environment
  2. Safe Sleep Practices
  3. The Sleep Schedule
  4. Steps for Sleep Success

a. Routine
b. Approach
c. Important Sleep Facts
d. Other notes

Step 4 - Sleep Log + Coaching Support

A sleep log is an excellent tool for tracking sleep patterns and progress. Daily check-ins to see how you and your child are doing are communicated easily in the notes section of the shared sleep log. Coaching support is offered through the sleep log, email, and up to 2 phone calls per week. As you near the end of your package you have the option to add on an extra week of support as needed or desired.  For most sleep plans we recommend a commitment of 2 weeks without interruption (long car rides, vacation, appointments) so your child has a good opportunity to get used to their sleep schedule and new healthy sleep habits. Just 2 weeks is usually all it takes!

Step 5 - Last Day Wrap-Up

On your last day, you will receive a wrap-up phone call or email.  You will be provided with a “Tips for Long-term Sleep Success” document that covers outings, vacation, illness, progressions/regressions, nap transitions, crib to bed transition, and other sleep tips and tricks!


In-Home Consultation

Add this to your package and let’s meet in the comfort of your own home! Would you like to meet in person but not at your home? No problem! We can meet at your favourite local spot! It’s not a requirement to meet your child or to see their bedroom although some families prefer these extra’s and that’s okay too. Please inquire before purchase if you live outside of Clarington, Ontario.


Add 1 Child

Do you have more than 1 child that is struggling with sleep? You can add this to your package and we can get the whole family sleeping well! (Excluding twins or triplets as they are covered together with the purchase of just 1 package)


Add 1 Week

As you near the last day of your package you will be able to decide if you feel confident continuing with your sleep plan independently or if you would benefit from adding on an extra week of coaching support. For the extra week, we will continue with daily check-ins through the sleep log, email, and up to 2 phone calls per week


Other Services Offered By Sleep By Nature

Newborn Package

Suitable for expecting parents to 3 months old.

Makes for a perfect shower gift!

  • 1-hour phone consultation
  • 1 “Laying the Foundation for Healthy Sleep” document
  • 1 bonus day of emails to answer additional questions before your baby turns 4 months old

Your pre-scheduled phone consultation will cover everything there is to know about newborn sleep including how to set up a safe sleep environment and what you can do as you near the 4th month milestone! You will receive a “Laying the Foundation for Healthy Sleep” document within 24 hours from the consultation. Before your baby turns 4 months old, take advantage of a bonus day of emails to have any additional questions answered!


1-Hour Phone Consultation

Suitable for families with children ages 0 – 5

  • 1 family sleep intake form
  • 1-hour phone consultation

A family sleep intake form will be sent to you in preparation for our 1-hour phone consultation. This will save time and allow me to give you my recommendations right away based on your answers provided. We will cover as much as possible within the hour! There is no sleep plan document or follow up support included with this phone consultation, so be ready to take lots of notes!


1-Day Of Emails

Suitable for families with children ages 0 – 5

  • All of your questions answered through email
  • 2 emails per day 

Do you need help getting through a new sleep obstacle or transition? Have all of your questions answered in 1 day of emails!


Not sure which Sleep by Nature package is right for you?
Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

What Families Are Saying

Sleep by Nature Client Testimonials

Stacey is amazing! She helped us tremendously in just a week. She accommodated us and made a sleep plan that fit within our comfort zone. I would highly recommend Stacey as she is very caring, empathetic, and knowledgeable. She was so quick to respond to my questions.
If you are having issues with your child’s sleep and need help, contact Stacey ! You will not be disappointed. 

Ashleigh A.

Stacey is the best!! My son went from waking up to nurse to sleep every 1-3 hours, to sleeping through the night by night 2! He naps regularly so we can actually make plans around his nap schedule, rather than have him fall asleep in the car 2 minutes before we arrive somewhere! I was an exhausted mom for 13 months and needed help. We met with Stacey, she made a plan that worked for our family, and literally changed our lives! Hiring Stacey was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. My son deserves a mom who is happy and well rested and thanks to Stacey, now he has one:) 

Amanda P.

My daughter went from nursing to sleep and sleeping half the night in our bed to putting herself to sleep and in her own room for 12 hrs a night!!! Thank you so much!

Stephanie H.

Stacey has changed my life!!! We have 5 children in our house and Stacey made a plan for my 4 year old as well as my 6 month old! Being such a busy household I never thought I would sleep again! Stacey was absolutely exceptional! She worked with my family and created a sleep plan that was not only successful but was also something that I felt comfortable doing. I never felt judged or like I wasn’t doing what I supposed to. When I did feel like I wasn’t following the plan properly she adjusted it and made all of my goals attainable. During the beginning of the process my husband was away and she was aware I was starting it on my own. She kept in contact with me the entire evening and made sure I had the support I needed. I don’t think I would have made it through the night without her!! Since Stacey came into our lives we all sleep better and my son’s teacher commented on how his behavior has improved so drastically in school! Thank You Stacey!

Leila M.

Stacey was fabulous throughout the entire sleep training process. She was attentive, supportive, knowledgeable and most important- caring. It was so important to my husband and I to follow a gentle approach as we have a very sensitive little guy who has had numerous challenges throughout his 10 months – and even during our sleep training! Stacey took the time to really get a good understanding of our little guy and helped us develop a perfect plan for us. He went from waking every 1-1.5hrs (at the most!) to sleeping his longest stretches ever. We are so grateful for Stacey’s dedication to our success, and the healthy sleep habits our little guy has developed. She was flexible, reliable, and a fabulous resource during our entire process.

Angela B.

Sleep Tight Tonight!

Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have!